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From an Actor, to a writer, to an actor
Rahul Handa a renowned personality in Bollywood has perused film-making from Emerson College in Boston USA. The multitalented actor has experienced every aspect of the creative world. He is a trained Actor, Story and Screenplay writer and Director.

 Understanding the craft of filmmaking having done 4 year filmmaking degree is also passionate about writing. He has penned scripts for Marega Sala and Fugly. Giving his deepest thoughts towards every script and giving more than just a regular script he always has under tone message.

When  many who had said that he should be behind the camera, however he was always very curious and intrigued with the whole process of creating something from out of nothing and bringing it to life.

Giving acting a thought and also having done Golo and Pappy which didn’t turn out to his best bet he never gave up on his dream to make it big. Talking about him penning script he says “I started writing Fugly when I was at Emerson. But due to many unfortunate circumstances I never ended up completing it. But once I did the first person I went to was Ahuja. My original script was quite westernized due to the fact that I was born and raised abroad. But with the help of Sanjay Kumar and Ahuja the play writer, the dialogue writers Fugly became what it is today”.  He further went on to revel “Without Kabir’s and my parent’s support I would not be here today. Its true when they say never give up and keep living the dream. I know it’s a lot harder than you can imagine but so is life and what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger”.



‘OLA OLA OLAY’ – A Tribute to FIFA Anthem song By Carlyta Mouhini from India to Brazil and a Musical Salute to World Cup Football in Brazil 2014.


World Cup Football in Brazil commences on 12th July (130 am IST) in Rio De Janeiro with Brazil vs. Croatia and the finale will be held on 12th July 2014, a month long football saga.


“I take pride to sing this song ‘Ola Ola Ole ‘ FIRST TIME FROM INDIA for FIFA which is a ‘Tribute from India to Brazil ‘ since I hail from both Indian and Brazilian origin as my roots”


The song is a fusion of Portuguese, Spanish, English and Hindi languages with an amazing Samba and Tabla/Harmonium rhythm and House sound.


The significant behind the word and my latest song ‘Ola’ means ‘Hello ‘ and ‘Olay’ means ‘Victory sound’.




Carlyta Mouhini Indo Brazilian singer for her album ‘Ola Ola Olay’ (Hello Victory) A Musical Gift for FIFA Sung and Composed by Carlyta Mouhini


I feel elated and glad that the concept of the song is appreciated.


We feel incoherent that India being a vast country of 1 .2 Billion people and we are unable to produce Indian Football Team in the qualifying World Cup Football elimination rounds. That’s a Bitter Fact!


So I thought that we will balance it by presenting ‘Our Own FIFA Song – Ola Ola Olay ‘to Brazil alongside Shakira’s ‘I dare you’ OR J Lo’s ‘World is One ‘ for our media sports segment. Although both the songs are amazing in their own way as official FIFA songs, there is always room for another one, especially from India. And my concept took a deep twist as my Latin Brazilian and Indian deep rooted blood called me musically to design the song!


The following is a compilation of the song ‘Ola Ola Olay’


Alongside the exclusive features on the above synopsis   , I can also present an  ‘All around informative and interactive session on Inter Cultural Tourism , Sports , Language, Music , Trade , Sport Exchange Programmes by Brazilian/ Latin American footballers playing in the leading Football Clubs in Kolkata and Goa ,Club managers and Indian football players as I am closely associated with Brazil India Business Council ( BIBC )  and our Brazil /Latin Consulates in India and Indian Consulates in Latin America .


Since Brazil is a football crazy country like parts of India  which includes Kolkata and Goa primarily and many Brazilian footballers are an integral part of the leading football clubs in Bengal and Goa , we can have a wonderful segment on ‘Brazil India Sync ‘ during the WCF from June 14th to July 14th 2014 ‘ .

India (Goa) and Brazil being Portuguese colonies as a common link, we can thread a beautiful interactive session for the readers around that.


Looking forward to an apt launch of ‘Ola Ola Olay ‘ song – A Tribute FIFA Anthem song from India to Brazil and a Musical Salute to World Cup Football in Brazil 2014.



Vir Das gears up for the Battle of Da Sexes

Here’s a sneak peek into all the action during the photo shoot of the ‘Battle of Da Sexes’


Mumbai, June 14, 2014:  
A brand new behind-the-scenes video from the Battle of Da Sexes’ has been released. The play is a rib-tickling comedy presented by Ashvin Gidwani Productions and features versatile actor Vir Das in dual faces, portraying both the sexes in a humorous way. It can be viewed at

The video opens with Vir Das getting dressed for his performance and when the camera focuses on his multi-faceted look, he is seen making faced that are incredibly expressive.

‘Battle of Da Sexes’ involves an age old battle between men and women and promises to leave the audience in splits. The show has been designed in an interesting fashion. For couples only, it has a unique seating arrangement, with women on one side and men on the other. The performance that night witnessed a hilarious verbal battle between the two genders, as they defended their own. The next show is on 15thJune.




5. Natalia Kozhenova in an Exclusive Photoshoot posing with Football Promoting FIFA World Cup Fever  DSC_2593

Actor and Supermodel Natalia Kozhenova in an exclusive photoshoot; Posing with a football, promoting FIFA world cup fever.

 Bollywood being always driven by sports never escape a chance to showcase their love for football. As the football season FIFA world cup flags off, the football world cup dominates most of the events and conversations.

Actor and super model Natalia Kozhenova poses with a football promoting the fever of football.  Natalia being a adhere football addict gears up for FIFA in an exclusive sporty photoshoot.

Ask her about her favorite player, she revels “I love sports especially football, I follow the game religiously. Since I am supporting Argentina, my favorite player is Lionel Messi. With Messi a part of FIFA I am very excited and looking forward to this world cup”.


Mansha (6) - rev


Mansha Bahl riding high on the success of Fugly



Mansha Bahl is riding high on the success of her recently released and blockbuster hit Fugly. Essaying the role of a doctor the 24 year old actress feels elated with the appreciation and popularity she gathered with Fugly.


Not having planned her career’s next move, destiny had something special for her in store. Best suited for the character she bagged the role in Ashvini Yardi and Akshay Kumar’s joint production Fugly. Mansha Bahl received ovations for the character she played in the role which was not just noticed but also won her flattering comments from the industry as well as the audiences. Little did the girl know her shopping spree would land her in Kabir Sadanand’s Fugly and win her ovations for the character she portrays.


Revealing her happiness the delighted actress says “I feel extremely happy to be a part of Fugly. It is not just a romantic film, it also gives away social message and being a part of such a film, I feel accolade”. She further adds “I am overjoyed that my character has received praises. It always feels good when your work is praised and all the efforts you put in are appreciated.  Doing good films is my only agenda, success and praises will therefore follow. I want to do good work in the industry and carve a niche for myself”


Directed by Kabir Sadanand, Fugly is a thriller with a strong social message.  The film also stars boxing champion Vijender Singh, Mohit Marwah, Kiara Advani and Jimmy Sheirgill.



Lucky Morani of Cineyug and Hema Asrani from Panama Consulate come together to launch the hot spot Local Passenger on the rare night of full moon on Friday the 13th for  all the party lovers.


Local Passenger the hottest new destination for a night out for party goers to be launch in the suburbs with much fan fare and heavy weights from the glamour and corporate world. Lucky Morani of Cineyug and Hema Asrani from Panama Consulate played hosts on this rare night of a full moon on Friday the 13th, a phenomenon which will next fall in the year 2049.


Waiting for Saturday night to party? Now the party lovers can party all the days of the week. With the launch of Local Passenger offering the best hospitality on all the days of the week. With the best cuisines served on the platter, the best alcohol served, one cannot ask for a better party spot.


This new bar and gallery lounge owned by Lucky Kshatriya offers a surreal ambience with innovative artistic interiors. All the guests had a great time living it up and celebrating the rare night with Hema bringing in her birthday.


With the best Dj in town people can spun to the number played by the Dj Electrovertz, this night surely promises one night to go frenetic and lose out on you. This rare full moon night let’s not go the usual way. Let’s eat, drink and party together in a unique ambience at the official launch of the newest hot party spot in town – Local Passenger.


Local Passenger restro lounge creates an atmosphere making the guest visit the place over and over again giving them a merriment experience.,


The guest thronged the place were Zayed Khan, Mansha Bahl (Actress film F*ugly fame) , Sanjeev Lamba , Monarch Builders Hasmukh Thakur, Suleman, Ankit Tiwari, Hanif Hilal,  Ajaz khan, Hiten Paintal, Rajesh Khattar, Natasha Suri, Priyanka Shah, Aanchal Dwivedi, Shonali Soni, Prashant Sharma, Vinit Kakkar, Nataliya Kozhenova, Dr.Ruby Tandon, Dr.Mohiuddin Makani, Shefanjali, Cyndy Khojol,  Ajaz Khan,  Gaurav Chopra and Many others…










Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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