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Every son must maximise Mother’s Day” Hrithik Roshan

Every son must maximise Mother’s Day. I’m of the view that every day belongs to your mother. The unconditional love that a mum gives can never come from any other relationship. The idea of setting aside this one day in the calendar to celebrate your mother is fantastic. It’s a day when you should attempt to put a continuous smile on her face with every gesture of yours. Besides giving my mother flowers and a note for Mother’s Day, I have also given her the gift of fitness this year.
She is 60 years old and was 25 kilos heavier a few months ago. But I got her motivated to lose weight and I love the fact that she picked up the challenge. Look at her today — she looks as young as any of us. Fitness is a quality that makes you feel empowered. Mothers give love and I think it is time for us to take it forward by giving love to others. Whatever I am, is all because of her. Nothing gives me more joy than to give back to the world what my mother gave me — affection, the value system or just small tips and lessons in everyday life.

As everyone knows, I have been a star wife all my life. And, the one question people have often asked me is, how was it raising my children — Sunaina and Hrithik — in the atmosphere of a star home. Obviously, they are keen to know if I have spoiled my children because we were privileged. Frankly, being a star wife is different from being a mother. This is something I told myself right at the onset. So, both Sunaina and Hrithik were raised as normal children. I gave them lots of love and affection, but I also instilled the right values in them, from the start. As they went from children to teenagers to adults, I continuously monitored their growth to ensure they didn’t lose their way. Today, I’m a proud mother because despite some pluses and minuses like most of us have, both have turned out to be normal.
Hrithik knows how to make me feel special. I know there are many children who fail to acknowledge the contribution of their mothers. My son continues to give me undying love and what’s more, he keeps me motivated throughout. Just a few months ago, he got me hooked onto fitness. They say a family that eats and prays together, stays together. In our case — it would be the family that exercises together, stays together. I cannot tell you how inspiring it is to spend time with Hrithik in the gymnasium. Not only does he supervise my exercise routine, but he also keeps offering me incentives, like he does with his two children. I must share a secret with you. Hrehaan and Hridhaan, Hrithik and Sussanne’s little boys, Sunaina, her daughter and I keep getting flowers, specially inscribed cups and medals from my son when we do well in the gym. He’s a bit strict when he gives us challenges. But he’s equally caring and ensures each of us gets rewarded for our efforts.
Coming back to the Mother’s Day bit, as far as I’m concerned, it’s Mother’s Day all the 365 days of the year. And Hrithik ensures that I feel special throughout. The best gift he has given me is by becoming the person he is…warm, sensitive and a devoted family man.



Says actor Akshay Kumar on the occasion of Mother’s Day

Actor Akshay Kumar feels that women – mothers and wives – play an immense role in every man’s life, feels the credit for the success of his family goes to his wife, Twinkle.

Especially today giving the complete credit of his family’s succeess to Twinkle he says, “I want to tell her that the success of our family has always lain in her hands. It was never my success as a man, or as anything else for that matter. It is because Tina (Twinkle) has dedicated the last decade of her life to the best thing in both our lives – our children. She lives every minute of her life for them, while I only work every minute I’m not with them.”

According to Akshay a father’s role is very different from a mother’s. Yes, it is hard to be without them even for a day, but the truth is, the first 17 years of a child’s life are dependent almost entirely on their mother. And it’s around that very age that your first-born finally turns to you as an adult and becomes your friend; looks at you as a mentor rather than a know-itall and then finally wants to be a part of your world rather than you needing to be a part of theirs. But it is a mother’s life that should be worshipped, appreciated and never forgotten even for a day. It’s mothers that make all men’s lives successful; its mothers that make men realise how precious their wives really are.

Mother’s Day for Akshay is like most other days – a panic to ensure that all the women in his family are happy. Initially Akshay gifted his mom homemade cards but stopped it a while ago, however Aarav taking it ahead still puts his heart and soul into making them for Tina.

On a closing note Akshay adds, “My part is very easy. I take everyone out for dinner and pick up the bill. But I truly feel that the best thing anyone can do is to treat them (mothers) like it’s Mother’s Day every day. That’s just it. Moms don’t stop being amazing for even a day, so why should we stop being grateful? Happy Mother’s Day for life, mom!”


Dr Sunita Dube, Dr Apj Kalam
Prof.Dr Apj Kalam (Ex-President of India) comes with Dr Sunita Dube at Medscapeindia.

“It was dream come true & proud moment for medscapeindia ” Says Dr Sunita Dube Chairperson of Medscapeindia

8th May 2013, Bhaidas Hall, Juhu, Mumbai. MedscapeIndia Aryan Trust invited Prof. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam for an interaction session with other eminent personalities to discuss the current scenario regarding the health care of our country and to take part in the discussion on “Improving Standards of Healthcare in India- How we can contribute together”. Its first time in India Dr Kalam addressed together doctors & paramedics at Medscapeindia for better health care.

MedScapeIndia was honored to have Prof. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam with them. Dr. Kalam addressed the healthcare community for the first time in India. The distinguished audience on this occasion included members from MedScapeIndia, senior physicians and surgeons, homeopathic, and Ayurvedic physicians and members from the various paramedical communities, medical students and interns who are the foundation of future generation of healthcare.

The programme was a major success and was attended by Jayant Banthia Chief secretory Maharashtra, child commission Director dr yogesh , Presidents of various Medical Association and Councils, HODs, CEOs of various Colleges, Government Health authorities, the Deans of prominent Medical Colleges across Maharastra and students of the various faculties like Neurology, Radiology, Cardiology, Pediatrics,Gynecology, Dermatology, Physician, General Practitioner, ENT Surgeon, Ophthalmology, Dental, Pharmaceutical, Physiotherapy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Unani attended the interaction session with Prof. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

Prof. Dr. Abdul Kalam appreciated the good work done by MedScapeIndia & also gave tips for the betterment of the Healthcare in Rural areas. He said that he would support the good work done by MedscapeIndia whole heartedly suggestion to make better healthcare india was key light. Prof. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam addressed this distinguished audience and the key discussion was on “Empowering the Healthcare in India“.

A large number of doctors present at the event raised concerns about the various issue of medical practitioners and had a number of questions to be discussed regarding the various issues of healthcare in India. Prof. Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam answered their queries very enthusiastically; his words of wisdom highly inspired one and all present.

The interaction provided a great encouragement and motivation to all witnessing it. The session was concluded with a hope of changing the future of Healthcare in India.

MedscapeIndia is the 1st Indian organization focused to bring the entire healthcare community together for a social contribution. The vision of MedscapeIndia is to stand as an ethical and efficient body in the Healthcare Sector by achieving standardization in duties and principles of healthcare practices.

Dr Sunita Dube chairperson Medscapeindia highlighted vision to Bring and Keep Indian Medical Fraternity together for enabling Quality Health Care Services to reach Citizens of our Country especially Women and Children & Medscapeindia mission to Nurture awareness on health care facilities among the masses and be an empowerment catalyst for Doctors, Scientists, Patients , Communities , Corporates, and Government agencies for Health and Welfare programs across India.



Brave heart parents win the COLORS, Sanskaar Milaye Aapko Apno Se Contest

Have flown to Phoenix (USA) to meet their son

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COLORS will air special segment on their story during their show, Sanskaar- Dharohar Apnon Ki on May 13, 2013, 9 pm

Living up to its promise of reuniting viewers with their loved ones in any part of the world, COLORS has announced the winner of its Sanskaar Milaye Aapko Apno Se Contest. Mr. Puran Singh Banga and Mrs. Gian Kaur Banga, originally from Amritsar but settled in Mumbai have won the contest and have left on 2nd May for Phoenix (USA) to meet their son. As a part of the contest, viewers had to share experiences of biding adieu to a dear one gone abroad.

The winners Mr. and Mrs. Banga had only one simple request that is to meet their son for his birthday on May 8th, who is settled in USA. However, what made their story a heart wrenching and touching one, was the back story that highlighted the struggle of a simple middle class family, with ambitious dreams… until destiny intervened!

Their son Amandeep Singh always dreamt of flying and becoming a pilot hence they decided to take a risk and invested money, broke all their bonds in hope that one day it will all be worth it! But as they say, tragedy strikes untold – in one of his last flights before getting his license papers, Amandeep’s plane faced an engine failure and crashed in a local sewage field. Helpless and trapped, Amandeep was rescued after 45 mins with a broken leg, crushed pelvic bone and also had to get his hand fingers amputated. He was in a critical condition for a few days while his parents tried to make ends meet and gather funds for their son’s treatment.

The hospital where Amandeep was seeking treatment empathized with his parents and permitted them to pay a part of the overall expense (25 lakh) for a month’s treatment. Soon after his discharge with a heavy debt of over 1.5 crores, the family returned to India with a handicapped Amandeep and began the process of healing their son. Adding to his woes, he wasn’t liable for the rights of an handicap but as the saying goes every cloud has a silver lining so was the case with Amandeep..His childhood friend took the decision of marrying him and spending the rest of her life with him no matter what.. This gave Amandeep new meaning in his life and he started with a fresh determination to move back to USA. Currently Amandeep’s wife is working as a teacher in USA and he is working in a gas station but he has still not lost hope to fulfil his dream – To fly Again..

Now, after 4 years, all the brave heart parents wanted was a chance to celebrate their son’s life on his birthday and COLORS is fulfilling their wish.

It is for the first time that a channel will introduce a special segment during the show, dedicated to the story and journey of a contest winner. The segment will showcase the meet and greet with the Sanskaar family along with their excitement of meeting their son.

Speaking about the contest, Prashant Bhatt, Weekday Programming Head- COLORS, said, “With this contest, our aim was to encapsulate the theme of the show along with connecting with our viewers. But what we have achieved here is something far more than just bonding, it’s making the dreams of a family come true, and there is no greater satisfaction.” He further added, “We received an overwhelming response for Sanskaar Milaye Aapko Apno Se Contest The introduction of this contest gave us an opportunity to unite a viewer with their family and bring smiles to their faces”.

The heart wrenching story of the winner touched the lead actor of the show- Jay Soni as well. He said, “When I read Amandeep’s story, I had tears in my eyes, imagining the tragedy that this family had to face. Following Jai Kishen’s character, I could relate to his back story as he had also stepped in US to fulfill his family’s dreams. I salute Amandeep’s determination and spirit but even beyond that what touched my heart the most, was the never-die-spirit of Mr. and Mrs. Banga who in spite of all the difficulties and hardships did not give up and are even now trying to help their son achieve his dreams and stood by him in all the difficult times. This is what humanity is about and I do not think we could have chosen a better winner for the Sanskaar Milaye Aapko Apno Se Contest.”

Glad to be meeting his son after 4 years, contest winner Mr. Puran Singh Banga said, “We are very thankful to COLORS and the Sanskaar, Milaye Aapko Apno Se Contest for giving us a chance to visit our son for his birthday. We just want to be together as a family and our dream has finally come true. It is like a gift from God and I still cannot believe that this is actually happening.”

Scheduled to leave on May 02, 2013 Mr. Puran Singh Banga and Mrs. Gian Kaur Banga will be flying to Phoenix (USA), to meet their son and daughter-in-law for his birthday.



Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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