After a lot of trials and tribulations, Television’s biggest Jodi – Jodha and Akbar finally consummate their marriage…

The lovers unite!

After a lot of trials and tribulations, Television’s biggest Jodi – Jodha and Akbar finally consummate their marriage…


After being married to each other for almost an year, television’s most loved couple – Jodha (played by Paridhi Sharma) and Akbar (played by Rajat Tokas), finally consummate their marriage and declare their love for each other. Being Television’s most loved couple, Jodha and Akbar’s union however stemmed from a misunderstanding that had cropped up between the two due to unavoidable situations. However, truth dawned upon them when they realized that their possessiveness is only a result of true love.


A marriage of convenience, there were a lot of issues that the Mughal Prince and the Rajput Princess faced initially. From belonging to different religions to living their lives on different set of rules, a unison between the two seemed almost impossible. However, the show will now turn its course towards Jodha finally accepting Akbar as her one true love. After having battled the jealous Mahamanga, the scandalous Shehnaaz and even the news of Rukaiyaa’s pregnancy, Jodha finally gives in to her love for Akbar.


Sources say that Ekta Kapoor wanted to shoot this particular scene in the most romantic way possible. The creative team for the show has spent days working on trying to make the scene elegant and at the same time steamy; after all it’s the royal couple of television. Ensuring that the scenes look grandeur, the makers of the show have also roped in a new director – Anil V Kumar, who is known to have worked on various Bollywood Projects and has a lot of movies to his credit.


Talking about the sequence, Paridhi said, “There was a huge demand from fans across to watch Jodha and Akbar come together and we are glad that the viewers will now witness a love track between the two. The makers of the show have ensured that the sequence is shot aesthetically and have done complete justice to it. The viewers are in for a treat as the story that will unfold is quite interesting.”


While the two come together accepting their love for each other, we hope the couple don’t fall prey to any other foul ploys of those around.


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Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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