Advertising Post : Only INR 2,000/- per post
Many of our PR friends keep sending material which is sometimes not posted on this blog. All news covered by us & sent by PR is mostly posted free of cost. However, we do edit out certain “in your face PR” to promote brands, services & people. We also have certain selection criteria for posts on this blog and if your content is edited or rejected for any reason, you can use our Advertising Post feature for which we charge only INR 2,000/- per post. There is no difference in News post & Advertising Post as far as readership is concerned.
Advertising Banners : Only INR 5,000/- per banner

We are pleased to announce advertising solutions on SPICY STARS MUMBAI, the happening city’s fastest growing website with quality content, personally edited by Rajendra Ganotra. These ad can be linked to your Website, your Blog, your Facebook page, your Youtube Video or your news/post on this blog itself.

Here’s an unbeatable inaugural offer valid of just INR 5,000/- per banner

The banners will be placed depending on the availability of space on first come first served basis. For a guaranteed top placement, INR 25,000/- will be charged.

Please contact Camaal Mustafa Sikander on  +91-8169641717 for any queries.  You can also contact Camaal to create your own Website or Portal.

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