Aditya Chopra’s Next Directorial Film Not Finalised

Aditya Chopra’s Next Directorial Film Not Finalised



Tuesday, 15 July 2014: There are stories out in some sections of the media about Aditya Chopra’s next directorial film with Shah Rukh Khan in the lead, with misleading titles attributed to this as well. All of this is completely untrue and inappropriate.


While Aditya Chopra will definitely direct a film soon, as of now he has not finalised what he is going to be making next and has not even started writing the script. Anything at this point in time would therefore be unfortunate and misleading conjecturing.


As and when he does finalise plans for his next venture, we will certainly be happy to make an announcement.


Till then we would sincerely request all concerned to please refrain from speculating on the cast, story and title.






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Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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