Adhyayan Suman in Amit Kasaria’s DNA Of Love

Adhyayan Suman in Amit Kasaria’s DNA Of Love

Adhyayan Suman who was Lastly seen in Heartless, he will be playing the lead in Amit Kasaria’s ‘DNA Of Love’. Producer Abhishek Tyagi who is equally positive about signing Adhyayan since he met his need of next gen, boy next door.

According to the sources, the Junior Suman was full of excitement for the project. The movie is going to have something new in a never before seen pattern, as the director is trying to target the new genre of thriller love story. The movie sees Adhyayan face challenges at every step. He’s in pursuit of his ladylove. The movie is about one night, with multiple flashbacks, different angles and dimensions about a person`s life. So, with treachery, betrayals and finding out that love is the final resort, the movie is lfull of twists and turns.

Set in modern times, the movie is said to grab the attention of its viewers for its highs and lows, with almost newer revelations in short duration.

Amit Kasaria is back after, I Don’t Love You, that garnered positive response from the critics. He was thrilled to be working on it. He has experimented a lot in the flick and is very excited.

Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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