Aamir Khan’s first unreleased movie – Exclusive on &pictures

Aamir Khan’s first unreleased movie – Exclusive on &pictures

National, May 23, 2014: Did you know that there is one film of Aamir Khan, which he says is the closest

to his heart, and could not be release in the theatres? Aamir says that this movie unlike others is not

fiction but a real life film. This June, &pictures, India’s premium television movie channel, known to be

airing path-breaking content and helping viewers come closer to their favourite stars is taking a step

further by releasing Aamir Khan’s first unreleased movie on your television screens. The actor known to

be a perfectionist in every aspect is all set to showcase his only unreleased film on Sunday, June 8, 2014

at 8:00pm.

This first unreleased movie of the actor – superstar is not a regular Bollywood run-of-the-mill film. Full of

drama, love, dreams, action and tragedy, this movie showcases real content. It is different and engulfs

Aamir’s feelings, hard-work and dedication, and includes entertainment in the truest form!

There are a lot of firsts to this initiative… the channel known for providing ground-breaking interactive

content to its viewers will now create a first time record of a LIVE interactive initiative with the only

unreleased movie of Aamir Khan. This movie of the suave actor will see the channel giving a chance to

select lucky winners across India to watch the film with Mr. Perfectionist. Also for the first time ever,

the stellar actor Aamir Khan will be taking LIVE Call-in’s and answering questions to his fans during the

breaks of the film. He will be interacting with his admirers and will give them a chance to ask him about

his experience and talk to him about the movie, his performance and more!

Commenting on this initiative, Mr. Akash Chawla, ZEEL Marketing Head, National Channels says, “We

are very excited to have Aamir Khan on &pictures in the first ever LIVE conversation with audiences. This

is truly India’s first ever initiative by any movie channel. Less than a year old, it is a matter of great pride

for &pictures to have Aamir Khan on board for this amazing film. I am sure our viewers will love this

novel concept.”

Ruchir Tiwari, ‎Deputy Vice President -Head of Programming, ZEEL – Hindi Movie Channels said, “We

are absolutely delighted to be the channel that is spearheading this unique initiative. We constantly

strive to carve a niche for &pictures and establish it as an interactive channel through its programming

and content.”

You don’t want to miss an experience that will go down in the history of Indian television, an experience

that is revolutionary and radical!

Stay tuned-in to &pictures on Sunday, June 8, 8:00pm onwards and pick up your phones to experience

the magnitude of the channel’s pioneering yet entertaining initiative!
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About &pictures

&pictures is a reflection of the subtle evolution of movies and movie viewing, which can be attributed to the evolution of movie

viewers. Today, the divide among people from various walks of life is fading and fast disappearing. Things like nationality,

religion, caste, creed and colour have little or no influence on why people interact, mingle, work, party and celebrate with each

other. Today’s viewer is inclusive in nature. He accepts the new and respects the old. He connects. He soars.

The Ampersand depicts the new age viewer’s graceful ability to connect with cultures, people and practices, as he pursues his

dreams. The Ampersand in the logo merges seamlessly with the ‘P’ of Pictures and connotes the ease with which today’s viewer

blends his ambition to soar high while remaining rooted to his sacrosanct values. The colour red also constitutes similar traits. It

radiates his bold ambition as well as the richness of his traditional values.

The line ‘SapnonkiUdaan’ celebrates this unique phenomenon, who’s reaching out to his dreams in newer skies with the power

of his capability, confidence and elders’ blessings.

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Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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