A R Rahman’s gift to his fans on Independence day

A R Rahman’s gift to his fans on Independence day in collaboration with

An all access pass into the world of A R Rahman for iOS and Android smartphones


Mumbai, August 18,

2014:- As an

Day gift to all his fans,

Oscar winning music

director A R Rahman has

announced the launch of

the official AR Rahman

app. There are over 24

million AR Rahman fans

across Facebook and

Twitter who will now be

able to follow AR

Rahman through one

interface. What’s more

AR Rahman will be able to

engage directly with his fans via the app with exclusive content and merchandise. Fans can

either buy or complete challenges in the app to earn points to redeem against content and



The “A R Rahman” app has been created in collaboration with Qyuki.com, an online multi-
channel network founded by A.R. Rahman, Shekhar Kapur and Samir Bangara,. The app is

already live on iOS and Android and has received outstanding reviews and ratings on both app

stores (iTunes and Google Play) from users across the world with high traction on engagement

levels. In the first day alone more than three thousand gigabytes (GB) of content were

consumed via the app which was being downloaded at a rate of 300 downloads per second.

Speaking on the launch of the app., Rahman said “This independence day I wanted to thank

my fans for their support by offering them a new and convenient way to stay in touch with me

and my music. I am looking forward to a more engaging experience with my friends and well-
wishers. Salaams to the motherland!”

Commenting on the launch Qyuki.com Co-founder & MD, Samir Bangara said “This app is a

first in India and goes way beyond just music in terms of fan engagement. It’s an opportunity to

know AR Rahman via his music, watch videos, read trivia, and win cool stuff. If you are one of

the tens of millions of AR Rahman fans, this will be a hotline into his life”

Some of the key features of the app include:

• A consolidated social feed including Twitter and Facebook posts made directly by A R


• Direct access to AR Rahman videos as well as premium videos only available in the app

• Exclusive Photos

• A Gamified experience through Challenges and rewards

• Ability to buy cool AR Rahman merchandize

Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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